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The Important Role of Paper Tape When Installing Drywall

By on Oct 15, 2015 in Role of Paper Tape |

Adhesives are known to play a very crucial role when it comes to construction procedures. When it comes to home remodeling though, the installation of drywall is going to be one of the inescapable realities that homeowners have to deal with. It is in situations lie these when paper tape is going to play a very crucial role. It is a very common task to have to join two sheets of drywall together when doing the installation. Adhesives are require in order to make it possible for these sheets to adhere to each other. Before applying any joint compound though, taking over the seam is an important step to take. Understanding the Need to Tape Seams Some people might raise questions regarding how there may be no need to have to tape seams when adding joint compounds if bonding two sheets together. Many people would find this question logical. However, it is important to note that unless the sheets are taped together, they will be likely to move. Soon, hairline cracks will start to develop in the joints despite the joint compound being present. It is when hairline cracks will appear that the joint will start crumbling. To avoid this from happening, it is important to use the right drywall tapes. They will help in reinforcing the joints. At the same time, they make it possible for the mud to do the work. Take note that these products come in different grades and different variations. It is important to note the importance of adjusting the thickness of the paper and its adhesion value to the specific applications that it is used for. Being aware of the different types of tapes should help you decide better. Choosing the Right Tape for the Right Applications It cannot be emphasized enough how crucial it is for one to be able to choose the right adhesives that will fit the kind of application that they will be utilized for. When it comes to joint tapes, the paper tape is often considered as the classic and the oldest type. It is nothing more than just paper. But it is very strong paper nonetheless. This is a very long paper too. Usually, they will be sold in rolls of 75 feet or even more. They do take some learning first though before they are applied. Bedding is often necessary in order to prepare the wall where the joint compound is going to be added to. Many who are new to the use of these products may find it challenging, it should be a breeze though when done by the pros. Most of the people that tend to use these papers for their construction applications do so because they are cheapest. They are widely available too. They can be perfect even when used for inner corners. The fact that they are just paper makes it possible for them to be ripped by hand. When buying these paper tapes, people are advised about how they can be a little difficult to apply especially for those people who are new to the task. It may be necessary for them to call on the professionals to get the task done. Despite being a strong paper though, it may well be considered the weakest joint tape there is. Remember that it has to be applied properly in order for it to work. They can be harder to use on corners too. At the same time, expect that they require an initial layer of joint compound on order for it to stick to the wall where it is supposed to adhere...