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Fatty liver disease diet | Total fitness journey

By on Dec 19, 2016 in Fitness Journey |

Accumulation of fat vacuoles in the liver portion is the cause of fatty liver disease.There are many causes of fatty liver disease.Excessive consumption of alcohol is a key factor responsible for fatty liver disease.However, fatty liver disease can also be found in non-alcoholics.Lack of exercise, combined with excessive eating, is another reason for fatty liver disease.Fatty liver disease does not show any symptoms in the initial phases.However, it is capable of causing severe inflammation in the liver as well as liver scarring.In the long run, fatty liver disease may cause liver failure.

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Fatty liver disease can be cured gradually by choosing the right kind of diet.Losing weight is of utmost importance to be cured from fatty liver disease, and this is possible only with proper exercise combine with appropriate fatty liver diet.In fact, studies have shown that people who are overweight or obese have a 90% risk of succumbing to fatty liver disease.Always remember to avoid excessive carbohydrates or high calorie foods before choosing any fatty liver diet.

Food stuffs with high fiber content and sufficient proteins are generally a part of fatty liver diet.Common components of fatty liver diet are fruits and green leafy vegetables.However, it is vital to understand that not all vegetables and fruits are suitable for fatty liver diet.There are some of them, especially those with high fructose content that can actually aggravate fatty liver disease.

Smaller meal portions should be consumed multiple times in a single day as a part of fatty liver disease diet.Avoid eating a couple of heavy meals on a daily basis.Fatty liver diet should consist of vitamin C.In case a patient is fond of non-vegetarian foods, he should only be allowed white meat, and not dark meats.Many doctors and nutrition experts believe that alcohol is a strict no-no in case a person is suffering from fatty liver disease.However, many studies have indicated that consuming light amounts of wine once or twice a week can actually improve the patient’s condition during fatty liver disease.

Fried foodstuffs and processed foods should be avoided at all costs.It is also recommended to avoid all forms of fast foods till fatty liver condition is significantly reversed.Caffeine containing items should be taken sparingly or avoided as far as possible.Coffee usage should be limited, although it is not as dangerous a component as compared to alcohol.The patient should drink at least 2 liters of water on a daily basis along with fatty liver diet.

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