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What Is Cuban Contemporary Dance?

By on Nov 7, 2015 in Cuban Contemporary Dance |

Dance has its own movements and styles. Each and every dance has own story of how these steps are made ad how these movements are brought to life. Good and proper dancing brings life to the music and a dancer needs to feel the music as they dance. There are different types of dancing, some are slow and some are fast and what makes the dancing steps livelier.  Constant practice will make dancers get to perfect and master the steps. Just like any contemporary dance, one needs to feel the music and one can already dance to the music.

Just like music, dancing has many forms and different kinds of dance are formed all over the world. Different dance also has different dance steps. Contemporary dance is one of them. Cuban contemporary dance is a mixture of ballet, modern American theatre and Afro-Caribbean dancing styles. This has a lot of styles and rhythms one has to beat with. This Cuban contemporary dance is also called as Danza Contremporanea De Cuba.  Dancing has been already part of Cubans since the early 16th century and it blended well with the Afro-Caribbean and European ballet. Its unique dancing style makes it more influential and has an impact on its people and the people dancing to the beat of Cuban contemporary dance. As dancing is an expression of oneself and it is an art, thus it leads to make some unique body movements. This kind of dance gives a chance for dancers an opportunity to make dancing have come to life.

contemporary dance

Knowing what Cuban contemporary dance makes one know that a combination of dancing steps , styles and techniques can be  done. It makes a dancer knows dancing indifferent aspect from afro- Caribbean, Cuban and European style. Each of these will make one know the culture of each dance step, as dancing depicts the emotions and thoughts of a certain culture by way of dancing. In this way the dancer feels the rhythm and the beat of the music. Body movements should go with the flow of music and this is what makes Cuban contemporary dance brought to life. As Cubans are innovative and styles of dancing are brought to dancing. Dancing to the beat of contemporary dance makes one versatile in dancing and connection between dancer and audience should be maintained as this can affect the way the audience sees dancing, as there should be a story behind every dance. In this way the audience should know this. The next thing you might ask is how to get to Cuba?

In order for one to appreciate a dance, you should be able to see that dancers are putting life into this, as there should be a message to every dance. With the dancing steps it depicts the life and way of the people where the dance originated. When you dance to any kind of music you must feel them and let emotions and thoughts rule you in order to feel the kind of dance. This is what makes dancers graceful and more flowing. Nothing can make dancers more good and graceful dancers if they cannot understand the dancing steps and how It was brought to life.