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Swimming pool cleaning – Know your services

By on Oct 10, 2015 in Swimming Pool Cleaning Services |

What is better than taking a dip in the swimming pool when you like to be free from the scorching heat and feel fresh? Sounds like sheer bliss. But hold on, nobody wants to swim in a dirty pool after all; crystal clear blue water is the dream. To splash around the backyard is the much needed respite and to achieve that the pool owners take help from various swimming pool cleaning service providers. Every customer should have hands on information about the services offered before hiring a company for swimming pool cleaning.

It is advisable and wise to opt for Swimming pool cleaning services from a reputed company like cleaning corp which specializes in house cleaning Canberra and many other cleaning services. It is sheer intelligence to atleast not mess around with the chemicals and equipment involved. Generally, companies provide a monthly agreement, which intends to keep the pools in shape both visually and physically. Following few services are typically included in agreements-

swimming pool cleaning

Things a customer should know, because the service provider will not spell everything out for obvious reasons, include:

Skipped pool cleaning :

The more pools that a company has to look after higher are the chances of pools being skipped. But a customer shouldn’t harp on the fact that their pool hasn’t been cleaned, they should ask the company for a drop ticket that has details of when the pool was cleaned, chemicals used, etc.

Charging highly for the pool chemicals :

Customers need to stick to the flat rate that they had approved beforehand when entering into the contract. No pool owner should have to pay extra for acid or chlorine.

Used parts for pool upkeep :

The easiest way for earning easy money is repairs. The service companies receive the parts at a less amount than what they charge the customers. The amount is charged for the time they spend repairing the pool. A customer has to keep an eye on these frauds to make sure that used parts are not utilized for repair, and only new ones are put to use.

Further, pool owners should be wary of companies that recommend draining the pool for its cleaning as in wrong conditions, the drained pool can bulge out of the ground. Also, they should run a background check and see that the company is associated with a professional association that upholds ethical business practices. It is also advised that long-term agreements are avoided before there is complete satisfaction on the customer’s part. If you want long term agreements, you must go with experienced team like that of house cleaning company Hobart and get high quality services.